Specializing in vibrant natural and abstract paintings.

I explore a range of subjects and find inspiration by working playfully and experimentally with material. I often let my mood, or interest in specific imagery determine my next project. My artwork is also inspired by memories, spirituality, dreams and my environment.

Send me a message at lunalagunas@gmail.com


I will consider all artwork commission requests. Their pricing ranges based on content and complexity. Please contact me for details.


To expand my business I have worked creating murals for businesses as well as designing my own merchandise and jewelry.

My artwork has been shown in various locations throughout the bay area. Most recently it was hosted by a Philz coffee.


I have focused on teaching high school art classes for the majority of my career. I look forward to working with another school district in the near future once I am more settled in my new location.

I have worked in a variety of educational settings and have created a range of art installations and projects. These include community projects like murals and art shows. I even had the opportunity to teach art abroad in Cambodia.


M. A. Transformative Arts, John F. Kennedy University,

B. A. Art Education and B. A. Chicano Latino Studies, California State University Long Beach,Single Subject Credential in Art Education